Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Hungary visit, Norway visit, 17 May and more

Hey guys!

So I've arrived safely back from Norway now, caught up on work and I've actually got some energy to spare. Today I seem to have too much energy actually, I went for a run at lunch time (very happy with that run actually... "I dun gud" (",) ) and I'm still sort of bouncing off the walls so I thought I'd spend some of the energy on a long overdue blog post.

Since the last post I’ve been to first Hungary, then Norway. The Hungary visit was wonderful as always, but then that’s not difficult when the people there are so much fun to spend time with. (“,) This was back in March but that didn’t stop us from going swimming... outside... in naturally heated mineral water. I still remember the look on the faces of the kids who tried the pool next to ours, and their incredibly hasty retreat. I guess that one was not heated! I also added a few dishes to the ever-increasing list of Hungarian food I’ve tried and I still love all of them. Maybe I should be careful saying that – they may try something really unusual next time!

Just recently Peti and I both went to Norway. I still think he was brave for that but I’m very happy that everyone got along so well. Even Bella gave him an enthusiastic welcome by jumping into the bed one morning and trying to sniff his face... but I’m not sure if he enjoyed dog breath in the morning quite as much.

On 16th May we went to Oslo to visit Knut André, Tina and Julia. We had a walk up Akerelva and Peti was chosen by Julia to get to play with her. Luckily he’s very good at that and seems to enjoy it! After dinner we went down to Aker Brygge and then went to the roof of the new opera house in Oslo. I’d never seen it before, I was impressed!

We went onto the roof and took pictures of Oslo and important things like me taking a picture of Peti taking a picture of me, or Knut André describing the sights.

17th of May was great, it was reasonably warm, the sun was almost breaking through and it was so nice to see everyone again! Philip had the cutest suit on and Emilie was beautiful as always, wearing a bunad. She seemed very happy about the pink dolphin balloon she received while Philip was in heaven, being held by his Bestefar. And of course the ice cream and hot dogs is traditional... and joyfully received! I even got Peti to wave a Norwegian flag, and I took the picture to prove it (“,). You're honorary Norwegian now hunni!

After the parades we went back to Odd Martin, Ingeborg, Emilie and Philip’s house where my dad was selected by Philip as his playmate and Emilie decided that Peti would be the perfect target for tickling and being “scared” with whistles. I helped her with both tasks. I’m very kind like that (evil grin).

On the 18th we went down to Nordbytjærnet just by where my dad and his wonderful wife lives. It’s about 5km walking around and it was so nice and warm that day. At least in comparison to the other days – it seems like nothing compared to the 30 degrees we had in England this Monday but I must admit I’d rather have the cooler temperature. I guess I’m a viking!

On the 19th we both went back to our respective countries and probably we both slept very very well that night. I know I did.
So back in England, I’ve been told by my helpful running trainer that we’re going to increase the distance we’re running so by the end of June we’ll run 10km, end of July we’ll run 15, end of August we’ll run 20 and then we’ll be all set for the Windsor ½ marathon in end of September. I’m nervous about it of course but if Leo says that I’ll be able to do it, I have faith in him. After all, he’s gotten me this far!
This is a long catchup post but I’ll sign off now. I hope you all had a wonderful 17 May wherever you were, lots of love to you all!


  1. Honorary Norwegian26 May 2010 at 21:38

    Hmm, well, I really not used to get any kiss from any type of dogs in the morning... :-)
    And you have really kind family, you can be proud of them!
    And about kids: well, that's easy to play with them even if you can't speak almost any words of their language...

  2. Så fine bilder, Eva Susanne:) Har liksom ikke "rukket" innom før nå, jeg... Har startet en liten blogg selv, vi ser jo etter hus om dagen, så der står det litt av hvert;) Du kan jo titte innom hvis du har lyst. (
    Snakkes om ikke så lenge! Stor klem