Thursday, 6 October 2016

Rainy days

Autumn is here, with the cooler days (yay!) and the colourful trees (double yay!) and the rain (um... yay?).

Today was one of those days where it's either drizzling or pouring the whole day, so I decided to make the most of it. I played lots with Petike (I love it when he shrieks with laughter), I did some housework, and knitted a bit.

The knitting is one of the front pieces for a little Santa suit. I'm just imagining the cuteness to come!

In the end I decided that rainy days deserve a yay too.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

I feel a crocheting coming on...

A while back I felt a sudden urge for crocheting earrings, and I made these ones:

The problem is that in the process of hunting down a pattern I wanted to try, I found this website, and this not to mention Pinterest... and I think that if I'm not careful, I'll have to start making them to sell to keep me in yarn money!

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Things that are suddenly more interesting than earlier

It's funny how things change after having a baby, but also how they stay the same. For example, now I have a sudden interest in:

1. Babies (especially my own). I guess this is understandable, but I never used to be as interested in babies as I am now.
2. Sleep. That's also self-explanatory. Not just mine, Petike's too.
3. Nutritional information. I never used to scan food labels as carefully as I do these days.
4. Vaccines. Before I thought that people who didn't vaccinate (except where the child had a reaction to a vaccine of course) were just misinformed. Now I think that they're endangering my child. I guess my protective instincts have kicked in. Luckily, the anti-vaxx movement is practically non-existent in Hungary.
5. (Not an interest but) Suddenly farts are funny. They never were before.

Things that haven't changed:

1. Knitting/crocheting. I still love it, I just don't have as much time for it these days. That's improving though!
2. Reading. Now in digital format so I can bring it everywhere, but it's a life saver sometimes!
3. Games. Well... very rarely but when I have time I will happily lose some time in virtual land.

I'm sure that list will change later, as the little one grows and as life happens, but it's surprising how much interests change in just a short time!

Monday, 3 October 2016

Fixing a hole in knitting

In continuation of the whole moth issue, I was trying to find out how to fix (sometimes quite big) holes in knitting. I have two jumpers I knitted which is pure merino. This is apparently candy to moths and they gratefully dug into the buffet.
After washing all my wools carefully, I tried to google techniques for fixing the holes but I couldn’t find too much, so I kinda winged it. Looks like it worked quite well! Luckily I had some of the original yarn left.
Of course there’s another solution too, but it’s nowhere near as satisfying…

Sunday, 2 October 2016


At New Year ’s Eve I discovered I had a moth problem. This caused me to spend the next few days going through my yarn stash and looking at every ball of yarn to see how far the damage went, then bagging them up and spraying the bags with moth spray. NOT the way I wanted to spend the first few days of the year!
Luckily the damage wasn’t too bad, just a few balls of yarn to throw out, the rest could be salvaged. I now have moth repellents everywhere. The other day I thought I’d top up the spray in the sunshine (sunshine is good to kill moth eggs). I put everything outside in the 30C in the shade/ 40C in the sun temperatures while the baby slept, and went through the stash spraying into each bag again and checking for signs. So far so good!

The only problem now is… since he's seen the size of my stash, how to convince Peti that I don’t have enough yarn!

Saturday, 1 October 2016


So for the first time ever I will follow Blogtober and (do my damnedest to) post each day.
It’s been almost a year since my last post and I want to get into the habit of posting more often, but first a short recap of the year.
Of course what’s taken most of my time is a certain young gentleman who un-self-consciously demands me whenever he needs me – and I can’t help but run to answer. Who can when you get such a happy smile as a reward?
In April was his christening. We were so happy that so many of my relatives could come! I made a christening dress with the help of my mum and my good friend Erika, and all the Hungarians thought he looked like a girl. (“,) (It’s BLUE though!)
In May we had a visit from the Stockdales, which I’d been looking forward to for ages, and I think they liked it too, especially all the swimming pools around and the nice summer temperatures – apparently in UK it was raining buckets!
In July my brother Martin came with his kids for a week, it was brilliant to spend time with them! We went swimming almost every day, hunted for geological exhibitions, went to the zoo and had a very smoky barbecue. Sounds like summer holidays to me!
In end of July my dad came for a flying visit, and it was so special to me to see him playing with the baby! I now have some priceless photos and videos of them playing and cuddling. It warms my heart every time I see them.
At the beginning of August we went to “the Hungarian Riviera” – Balaton. We did a lot of swimming, sunbathing and playing with Petike, and with Peti’s mum, his sister and her husband, and Peti’s brother and his family.  It was wonderful!
In September was Petike’s first birthday. My mum came for the party and we spent five great days together, walking, playing, crocheting and chatting.

Which brings us to now, with an almost-alone-standing baby, autumn setting in, and plans for knitting and baking tasty stuffs in the cold and rain – if the baby lets me!