Sunday, 2 October 2016


At New Year ’s Eve I discovered I had a moth problem. This caused me to spend the next few days going through my yarn stash and looking at every ball of yarn to see how far the damage went, then bagging them up and spraying the bags with moth spray. NOT the way I wanted to spend the first few days of the year!
Luckily the damage wasn’t too bad, just a few balls of yarn to throw out, the rest could be salvaged. I now have moth repellents everywhere. The other day I thought I’d top up the spray in the sunshine (sunshine is good to kill moth eggs). I put everything outside in the 30C in the shade/ 40C in the sun temperatures while the baby slept, and went through the stash spraying into each bag again and checking for signs. So far so good!

The only problem now is… since he's seen the size of my stash, how to convince Peti that I don’t have enough yarn!

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