Saturday, 1 October 2016


So for the first time ever I will follow Blogtober and (do my damnedest to) post each day.
It’s been almost a year since my last post and I want to get into the habit of posting more often, but first a short recap of the year.
Of course what’s taken most of my time is a certain young gentleman who un-self-consciously demands me whenever he needs me – and I can’t help but run to answer. Who can when you get such a happy smile as a reward?
In April was his christening. We were so happy that so many of my relatives could come! I made a christening dress with the help of my mum and my good friend Erika, and all the Hungarians thought he looked like a girl. (“,) (It’s BLUE though!)
In May we had a visit from the Stockdales, which I’d been looking forward to for ages, and I think they liked it too, especially all the swimming pools around and the nice summer temperatures – apparently in UK it was raining buckets!
In July my brother Martin came with his kids for a week, it was brilliant to spend time with them! We went swimming almost every day, hunted for geological exhibitions, went to the zoo and had a very smoky barbecue. Sounds like summer holidays to me!
In end of July my dad came for a flying visit, and it was so special to me to see him playing with the baby! I now have some priceless photos and videos of them playing and cuddling. It warms my heart every time I see them.
At the beginning of August we went to “the Hungarian Riviera” – Balaton. We did a lot of swimming, sunbathing and playing with Petike, and with Peti’s mum, his sister and her husband, and Peti’s brother and his family.  It was wonderful!
In September was Petike’s first birthday. My mum came for the party and we spent five great days together, walking, playing, crocheting and chatting.

Which brings us to now, with an almost-alone-standing baby, autumn setting in, and plans for knitting and baking tasty stuffs in the cold and rain – if the baby lets me!

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