Saturday, 10 June 2017

Keeping count

I've been in a flurry of knitting lately, so to recap:

In March I went to visit the friend I was making the poncho for, and in a fit of crocheting I managed to finish the poncho in time. I decided on a crocheted edging called the cathedral scallop, and I think it turned out rather pretty. Luckily my friend did too, and since April was unusually cold, hopefully she even got some use out of it before the season was done.

Then I turned my attention to my dad's cardigan, and somehow managed to finish it two days before going to Norway. Not that I was getting nervous there or anything!

I went to the haberdashery and bought some buttons. I tried this nifty buttonhole using kitchener stitch, and it looked really nice I think. I'm going to be using that another time too! Then I went to back to the haberdashery as the buttons were suddenly too small, but the new buttons were even nicer, so I call that a win.
Then when I got there I tried it on... and it fits! I just needed to add a little bit of edging to the sleeves to tighten them up, but luckily I brought yarn and needles just in case. He looks pretty happy about it too!

I'm so relieved, not least because I can actually knit other stuff now without feeling guilty about this project!
Then I decided to make a little side trip into some sandals for me for the summer, and some lacy top for those boiling summer days, both for me! I've done the sandals, I just need to finish the top now. It seems to work up reasonably quickly though so hopefully I'll get it done in time for the big heat waves.

In between I managed to go to the spring yarn festival in budapest and picked up some goodies:

In March I was in a bakery and got talking to a woman who had just had a premature baby. I'd heard of these little octupuses (octopi?) for preemies, so I decided to make her one. Last week I saw her again, with the baby out of the hospital! It's so nice when the little ones turn out healthy!

And of course I had to make a 17th May bow for Petike. If he doesn't have a bunad, at least he can have a bow!

I also finished two little angels, but I forgot to take pictures before I gave them away… of course. I think that puts my current count at 20 projects to go?
One of these days I'll even rip out the ones I really don't like :-)

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